Srixon Golf Balls - Possibly Australias most popular ball - Our Price is HALF Price.

Unknown to most is what the famous Japanese company SRIXON is an acronym for, Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) Unlimited Dreams for the Future (X) Going Onwards (ON). Interesting? Impressive? certainly unusual to say the least. Regardless, despite the Americans not really picking up on it, Australians seem to be well aware that Srixon Golf Balls are the most advanced of any golf ball on the market. Srixon Golf pride themselves on their cutting edge technology, outstanding quality and innovative "srixon Spin Skin" technology, which increases friction between the ball and club face by at least 20%. Srixon's also feature the 344 dimple pattern which reduces air resistance, enhances air-speed, stability and consistency and increases the soft-feel layer smoothness. Another innovative adaption for Srixon is their patented "Enhanced Core" technology which helps achieve a higher speed and launch angle. Here at Lost Golf Balls we sell thousands of Srixon Balls a month - such as Z-STAR, Z-STAR X, Z-STAR TOUR Yellow, Q-STAR, TriSpeed, AD333, Soft Feel, Soft Feel for Ladies, Distance and the newer Srixon Z-STAR XV is specially designed for golfers with a faster swing. If youre a golfer who usually plays with Callaway Chrome SuperSoft or Nike PD Soft - Srixon Soft Feels could be your next ball.